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Ever since I started relaxing, listening and putting my fingers so very consciously upon the keys, directed by the most logical thinking I have encountered in all my years of playing the piano, I am pleased with what I hear. Professor Bowman has shown me how to achieve this in what seems a micro-second compared with the many years spent with other teachers. True, I have learned a lot from them, but no-one has ever made me think so hard about what I am doing as Professor Bowman did.

I am now working on the early A minor and D major Schubert sonatas and am finding my ability to produce beautiful sounding chords with the Bowman technique a natural and easy venture. I no longer suffer any burning or tiredness when I play. Another significant element is that I can now memorise the music much faster. 

I can no longer tolerate mediocrity in performance and I will always sit at the piano with a passion to create the ideal sound.



Just as Professor Bowman himself is a very special person, so is this a very special book – a reflection of years of experience and expertise. And just as he derives the greatest pleasure from helping others, so will the readers of this book, piano teachers and students, be helped and gain new insights, into themselves, as well as into the art and craft of piano playing.



Professor Lionel Bowman’s unique and stimulating piano method has influenced the playing of many students and prominent musicians. Through this book, a larger number of aspiring pianists will now have the privilege of learning from this great master.




 Ella Fourie and Caroline van Niekerk were both pupils of Lionel Bowman, and are now professors at the University of Pretoria, where seven of the music Department staff members are ex-Bowman pupils.


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