Learning to Play the Piano- A Traditional Teacher or the Modern Way?

I think to best answer this question, you need to ask yourself what you wish to achieve?


If you are looking at concert pianist status, I think I can comfortably suggest a traditional teacher and music school is the way to go.


On the other hand, if you are just interested in playing for pleasurem, then you could go either the traditional way, or the modern, online style of course.


The main benefit in online courses is that you can study when it suits you, even if it is two in the morning. I don’t know of too many teachers that are happy to accept pupils at two am.


However, even though some online courses are very good, it is difficult without the absolute guidance of a professional. 


However, \the Rocket Piano course is probably the next best thing, if you can’t afford a teacher or have access to one for that matter. The courses are delivered online by download, so you can review the material in your own time, and that is very flexible.


Now the case with Rocket piano is that the team who have developed it are all at Grade 8 level, so they’ve been around for a while.They have knowledge in all genera’s of piano . The system comprises of three book sof information as well as electronic tutorials.

The lessons have also been created to cater for all levels of player, regardless of weather you have just begun, or are at a much more advanced level.

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How to Choose a Good Piano Teacher?

How to Choose a Good Piano Teacher?

How to Choose a Good Piano Teacher?
By Aaron Glinski

If you want to learn the piano, choosing a good piano teacher is very important. A good teacher will help you grow and bring out the best in you. A good piano teacher will know how to push you in the right direction.

Here are some basic and useful areas that a teacher should cover including metronome, arpeggio, and scale practice. A good piano teacher will cover all the time periods and history of the piano. A good teacher should cover time periods like the baroque, romantic, classical, contemporary, and jazz. A good teacher knows that having exposure to the history of the piano will help with your growth.

Some things that you should look out for include teachers that constantly give difficult pieces meant for a skilled musician. Physically challenging pieces can discourage a student and cause them to quit. Difficult music pieces can cause unwanted strain on your body which could lead to tendonitis in the future. A good teacher knows how to develop a student’s technical and physical ability so they can master difficult music pieces.

Another thing to keep in mind is, knowing when to leave your teacher for another one. There are times when you’ll learn all you can from a teacher, it’s not really a bad thing; it just means you need a new teacher.

Now to tell you the truth, you may not want to have a piano teacher. This is perfectly fine; I know a lot of people who find it way to expensive to hire a teacher. Some people prefer to get an online course to show them how to play the piano. There’s nothing wrong with this approach and it definitely has its benefits. If you learn from an online course you can:

  1. Learn from the comfort of your own home
  2. Learn on your own time
  3. Learn at your own pace
  4. The best thing to know, it’s cost effective to learn from an online course

If you’re thinking about this approach then there is only one online piano course that worth getting and that’s Rocket Piano. If you want to know more about Rocket Piano, please be sure to read this review. //www.consumernews-weekly.com/rocket-piano-review


Finding a teacher or taking an online course is fine. Both methods can help you learn the piano. Just think about what method works best for you and work hard. You’ll be a piano master in now time.

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